Our Lovely Shop

The Wraperie is a specialised store for stationery, paper products and small gifts that are designed to mean something in our customers’ lives. 

We started as a home business in 2012, providing a private gift wrapping service before we expanded to all things paper. In 2020 we opened our flagship boutique in Al Raya, Riffa. 

We stock products from mid-high range brands in the US and UK, with a focus on independent small paper designers whose work reflects the ethos of promoting creativity and intentional design. 

Our products are curated to help you live with intent. The products we sell are about what you write/ draw/ create with them, and how you incorporate them into your daily lives to live creatively.  We want to spread a culture of writing, of expression.  Yes, we run a stationery shop, but the aspiration behind it is to promote the art of writing.  Journaling, letter-writing, reflecting, list-keeping, expressing all creativity on paper. It is not just about the thrill of new stationery, but the endless magical possibilities of what you can create with it. 

We believe that only the best type of products deserve to be part of your lives and we love each minute that we spend finding them for you. 

We hope that whatever you are creating with the stationery that you buy from us remains a lasting source of joy, of beautiful sentiment and happy memories, of a life lived well with many stories to tell. 

Thank you for being here.